Some of the implementation results

【Introduction of security cameras】

Request for introduction of security cameras from hot spring inns in Iwate Prefecture! We reviewed the installation site including existing equipment, and helped to prevent mischief.

We received a request from a hot spring inn in Iwate Prefecture to introduce a security camera. According to the story, although some security cameras have been installed, the image quality is poor and the security effect has not been demonstrated. Therefore, we conducted an on-site survey and proposed a crime prevention plan that combines replacement and new introduction. As a result, "the face of the mischievous criminal came to be clearly reflected, and the crime prevention effect came out" was very pleased.

Introduction of business phones

Introduced 10 business phones at a factory in Sendai City! We were able to establish a comfortable and efficient business structure by organizing network lines.

We received a request from a factory in Sendai city to introduce a business phone. According to the story, he would like to expand the business phone to accommodate the expansion. Therefore, our representative visited the site and suggested that the network be worked to be more efficient. As a result, "Thanks to careful construction, we were able to use the business phone smoothly without any problems. The line was also clean and looked good."

【Introduction of UTM】

There is a consultation that the data is destroyed by the virus infection from the real estate company with three bases in Miyagi Prefecture and is troubled! When I talk to them, they often take their PCs with them, and it's becoming a daily occurrence to take them home. In addition, PC security software uses a piece of free software. We conducted field surveys, set up UTMat at each site, set up a server to manage the base data collectively at the head office, introduced unified software for security, so that regular logging can be managed. "It was expensive, but I was glad to ask you because I can work with peace of mind."

PC support request

There is a consultation if there is no trader who can not work because the personal computer is broken from the restaurant in Miyagi Prefecture, and corresponds in the middle of the night for midnight business! We visited immediately, restored your data, rented a rental PC, and returned the data to it. "The staff were very happy to see me for the first time.

LED case

There are many achievements!

Not only cost reduction, but also we are doing construction after hearing your wishes firmly, such as "I want to lighten my hand for detailed work" and "I want to reduce the number of fluorescent lamps and maintain the same brightness."

System request

Consultation on software development from a construction company in Fukushima Prefecture! It is difficult to create and manage the worker list in business. We created software for the worker list. "The work we were doing with two clerks was now done by one person. I'm happy to leave another person for another job."

Smartphone settings

In six prefectures in Tohoku, we are doing the setting business of the smartphone by the visit to the customer of a major mail order company, but everyone says" "Thank you for your help".

【Communication work】

There is a consultation of the network construction of the entire own building from the restaurant in Iwate Prefecture!

I re-drawn the LAN cable and telephone line 30 years ago, and it was possible to wash out unknown telephone contracts, etc. that I did not use, and I was pleased that "the communication cost that I continued to pay without being sure was refreshing".

【Introduction of MFPs】

We have consultation savor replacement of MFPs from automobile parts manufacturers in Fukushima Prefecture! We succeeded in cost reduction by introducing the project that matched the conditions.

We received consultation from an automobile parts manufacturer about replacing MFPs. When I talk to you, I want to compare because it is the timing when the lease expires. Therefore, our representative listens to the usage in detail and proposes a model and lease plan that meets the conditions. As a result, "It was very good because the cost was clearly lower than before", and it was pleased.

【Maintenance support】

In the inquiry from the corporation that has a maintenance contract, there is a consultation that you do not know how to use the PC! We used remote support to solve your problems.