B u s i n e s s

Please leave the telecommunications work that requires "dedicated engineers" such as network construction around communication equipment, installation work of distribution boards, lighting fixtures, wiring equipment, in-house network construction, replacement of LED equipment, replacement of air conditioners, etc. collectively to us!

We can propose new security cameras, additional installation work, business phones, MFPs, etc. according to your budget. Because there are a lot of achievements, please leave it to cheap!

One of the purposes of the personnel evaluation system and wage management is to optimize wages paid to employees. However, it is necessary to regard it as a management tool to embody the company's philosophy, vision, and strategy, rather than operating it for the purpose of doing so. The personnel system consists mainly of three systems: the grade system, the evaluation system, and the wage system. In addition, the "personnel system" in a broad sense may include rules for job rotation and relocation and welfare programs, which require consistency with human resource development and recruitment strategies. Based on these broad themes, we will consider what and how far we should review based on the situation and issues of each company.

From troubles such as PC not starting, frequent lying, important family data has disappeared, the installation of peripheral devices, construction of cloud environment, PC cleaning, all the worries of IT equipment, regardless of the corporation or individual, We will solve it by visit support. Only experienced full-time employees can visit the site, so you can use them with confidence. In addition, there is also a region where night correspondence is also possible, so please leave it to us when you need trouble!

This is a membership-based WebShop for corporations that can search for products, order, estimate, and confirm delivery dates for a wealth of PC-related products. Anyone can view it, but you will need to register for an account when you make a quote or purchase.

Used mobile phones and tablets can be sold from one to thousands of units to suit your application. SIM contracts are also supported. In addition, there are many requests for repair.